Titan Watches

A distinguished brand synonymous with quality and style, has consistently captured the essence of precision timekeeping and timeless design. As the Design Lead, I was responsible for overseeing Titan Watches' digital creative needs. This involved conceiving, executing, and coordinating various campaigns, as well as organizing and directing photo/video shoots. Our efforts were meticulously tailored to enhance and optimize Titan Watches' digital presence on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Here are a few examples of campaigns during this time period to give you an idea of my work scope:

Deccan Treasures

Titan Watches unveils Deccan Treasures, a captivating addition to the Nebula collection. Inspired by the Nizam era, this 18k gold-plated watch features intricate details, including crowns, watch dials, and straps, echoing the design language and style of that historical period. A perfect blend of heritage and elegance in timekeeping.

The Brief

The team received a brief to craft a 2-week digital campaign for Titan Watches on their social media platforms. The directive emphasized echoing the design language and style of a specific historical Nizam era, ensuring a seamless blend of heritage and contemporary aesthetics in the campaign.


We meticulously developed a design language to accentuate its luxurious appeal. Partnering with an industry-leading photographer and production agency, we executed an extensive product video and image shoot, ensuring the visual narrative aligned seamlessly with the opulence of the collection.

Maritime Collection

Introducing the Titan Maritime Collection, a testament to progress's voyage. Influenced by trans-oceanic travel, it features iconic elements like the propeller and porthole. The dynamic bow and captivating color gradients enhance the sea's serenity and mystery. The hues create visual depth, invoking a sense of infinity, rendering surfaces authentically natural.

The Brief

Develop a compelling campaign for the Titan Watches Maritime Collection, positioning it as a must-have this festive season. Emphasize the nautical theme inspired by trans-oceanic travel and showcase meticulous craftsmanship. Target a refined, discerning audience with an aspirational appeal.


While the nautical theme appeals to a niche consumer - the ask from communication is to position this collection as a must-have this festive season, call out the craftsmanship in minute details, and create aspiration for the man who enjoys the finer things in life.

Valentine Collection

In 2020, Titan Watches launched an exquisite Valentine's Day collection perfect for gifting your loved ones. The campaign's captivating tagline, "Charm Your Way," reflects the collection's romantic allure. Our creative approach features engaging 3D and infinite loop videos, seamlessly blending Valentine-themed elements into a mesmerizing backdrop.